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If you find yourself facing an assault charge, you may feel worried, upset, and even frightened. In Alabama, a conviction for some levels of assault can result in years of prison time, high fines, and other negative consequences. You need a first-class criminal defense lawyer to help you understand what’s happening and guide you through the complex process of navigating an assault charge. Turn to the Stoves Law Firm, P.C., and connect with an experienced assault defense attorney in Birmingham right away.

What Is Considered Assault?

In Alabama, assault refers to a variety of behaviors. If, for instance, you threaten another person with physical violence without any actual contact, you might be charged with assault, especially if the person fears for their safety. More often, however, assault is a violent crime that causes bodily injury to another person. The injury may be minor or severe. Assault can sometimes include a weapon. In all cases, prosecutors must prove the assault involved the intent to harm and wasn’t done in self-defense.

What Are the Degrees of Assault and the Differences Between Them?

There are three main degrees of assault. First-degree assault involves serious bodily injury to another person with a dangerous instrument or deadly weapon. This is the most serious type of assault charge, and if convicted, you could face significant consequences since it’s a Class B felony.

Second-degree assault also involves significant physical injury but doesn’t always involve a weapon. It can also include the element of harm to a police officer, firefighter, EMT, or healthcare worker. Second-degree assault is considered a Class C felony.

Third-degree assault is somewhat less severe but still involves a reckless or intentional physical injury. You can also be charged with this degree of assault if you’re acting carelessly or you threaten another person. While this level is considered a misdemeanor assault, it still carries unpleasant penalties if you’re convicted.

Finally, you may be charged with aggravated assault if someone is injured while you’re committing another crime. For instance, if you steal a car or break into a home and injure the owner in the process, this would lead to an aggravated assault charge.

The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney in an Assault Case

Whether you’re facing felony assault charges or a third-degree assault misdemeanor charge, you need an experienced assault attorney to help you understand the charges against you. A criminal defense lawyer can wade through the evidence, assess witness statements and reports from police officers, and determine if the charge is valid. An assault lawyer from the Stoves Law Firm, P.C. also looks closely at your level of intent in the incident and considers the possibility that you acted in self-defense. At this point, your attorney may argue for the charges to be dropped.

However, if the case proceeds, your expert criminal defense attorney can guide your trial preparation and build a strong defense case that counters the prosecution point for point. Your lawyer may also advise you to plead guilty and work to have the charges and your sentence reduced. Your lawyer makes sure your rights are protected at all times.

The Impact of an Assault Conviction

An assault conviction can have a significant impact on your life. Penalties include prison time and substantial fines, but you also end up with a criminal record that can affect future employment, finances, education, and participation in your community. Also, consider how a conviction affects your family and loved ones.

Potential Penalties For an Assault Conviction

The legal penalties following an assault conviction can be stiff but depend on the level of assault involved. A first-degree assault conviction, for instance, can lead to 20 years in jail and a $30,000 fine at the maximum. Circumstances may lead to a lighter sentence, but there’s no guarantee. A second-degree conviction may result in a maximum of 10 years in jail and a $15,000 fine. The lowest level of assault is a misdemeanor, but that could still mean a year in jail and a $6,000 fine. At any level, the factors of a case can lead to even stiffer penalties.

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