DUI Offenses

Drunk driving charges carry severe penalties in Alabama, and with good reason. Driving while under the influence greatly increases your accident risk, and automobile accidents can ruin not only the life of the driver but also any individuals who are involved in the accident.

If you’ve been accused of drunk driving, you must act quickly. Alabama has a 10-day rule for DUIs, meaning anyone arrested must request a hearing within ten days. Otherwise, they’ll have their driver’s license suspended automatically.

The consequences of drunk driving charges can be far-reaching. If you lose access to your vehicle, it could be difficult for you to maintain your employment, go to college, or take care of relatives. In addition, criminal charges can have other consequences, potentially restricting you from certain forms of employment.

DUI Penalties in Alabama

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At the hearing, the judge will decide what penalties you should face. They have the discretion to apply a wide range of penalties, and one of the things they’ll take into account when deciding on charges is whether or not this is your first offense.

The penalty for a first DUI could be:

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • A fine between $600 and $2,100
  • 90-day license suspension
  • An ignition interlock device fitted to your vehicle

A second DUI offense carries slightly higher penalties:

  • Jail for between 5 days and one year
  • A fine of $1,100 up to $5,100
  • License revoked for one year
  • An ignition interlock device fitted for at least two years

The penalty for a third DUI could be:

  • Jailed for a period of 60 days to 1 year
  • Fines of between $2,100 and $10,100
  • License revoked for three years
  • An ignition interlock device fitted to your vehicle for at least three years

The judge has the discretion to require community service instead of jail and can also allow a motorist to have a restricted license during the period their license is suspended if there is a compelling reason to do so. A good attorney can argue that preventing you from being able to drive would have a lasting negative impact on your life. If you aren’t a habitual offender, this is something the judge might be willing to take into consideration.

The above penalties assume the charge is for a relatively straightforward DUI case. If there are aggravated circumstances, the penalties could be more significant. In addition, if someone is killed in a drunk-driving accident, the responsible motorist could be faced with other charges, such as vehicular manslaughter.

How a Birmingham Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help With Your DUI Case

As part of the defense process, our criminal defense attorneys will consider several issues that could be relevant to the case, such as:

  • Did the police have probable cause to stop your vehicle?
  • Was there a good reason to believe you were impaired?
  • Did the police officer administer the field sobriety tests properly?
  • Did the police officers conduct themselves appropriately during any interactions with you?
  • Are there witnesses who are willing to attest to your sobriety?
  • Have you been charged with a DUI before?

Your criminal defense lawyer will meet with you for an initial consultation, during which time they’ll work to determine whether your legal rights were respected during the traffic stop and whether the police officers had enough evidence to arrest you and bring criminal charges against you. If the field sobriety tests weren’t performed correctly, or it’s possible to argue that the stop was unfair, this could work in your favor.

They’ll also explain how drunk driving charges work, what the process is, and the options available to you when it comes to reducing the penalties you’re faced with.

We recommend you seek legal advice as quickly as possible if you’re arrested for drunk driving so you have the best possible chance of avoiding license suspension.

Choose Stoves Law Firm, P.C. for DUI Defense in Alabama

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The legal experts at Stoves Law Firm, P.C. have extensive experience when it comes to helping motorists get DUI cases dismissed or reduce the penalties they’re faced with. 

The laws surrounding driving under the influence are strict, and there’s no guarantee that any lawyer can get charges completely dropped. However, our attorneys will aggressively fight for you to secure the best possible outcome.

We understand how important it is for people to have a driver’s license. Whether you have a long commute to work, need to take the kids to school, or can only get to the grocery store with your car, the loss of access to a vehicle is something you understandably wish to avoid.

We advocate for you both in and out of court to help you get a suspended sentence, an ignition interlock device, or an affordable fine instead of losing your license. We’ve succeeded in keeping many people on the roads and avoiding unfair penalties.

If you’re faced with a potential DUI, contact us immediately for a free consultation, and give us the chance to advocate for you.

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