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Criminal Defense Attorney in Birmingham, AL

Criminal charges can be life-altering and should not be taken lightly. Whether you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, have been falsely accused, or had a moment of poor judgment and are now facing the consequences, it’s vital you have skilled legal representation to help ensure your rights are respected and to help you avoid unjust penalties.

Even relatively minor crimes, such as traffic violations, can have severe consequences. A criminal record can block a person from many forms of employment, reduce their education opportunities, and even make it harder to acquire loans. Criminal defense attorneys help people fight against charges that could significantly impact their lives.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help You

If you’ve been accused of a crime, a criminal lawyer can help you navigate the legal system in Birmingham, Alabama, and explain your options so you can decide what path to take. 

Criminal charges can be scary, and when a police officer says you may face jail time, having someone there who can explain things in a neutral manner and uphold your rights can be invaluable. Our legal team has the skills and experience to assist with everything from violent crimes and DUI cases to misdemeanors. Whatever you’re faced with, they’ll offer supportive assistance.

Alabama’s Criminal Process

The first step in the Alabama criminal justice process is arrest and booking. In most cases, people are only arrested if the police believe there’s enough evidence a crime has been committed. However, sometimes arrests happen simply because of a criminal complaint.

If you’re arrested, we recommend you call a lawyer as soon as possible and avoid answering questions without the lawyer present.

Later in the process comes arraignment, which is your first time in court. You’ll be told what the charges against you are and whether you have the option of bail. You’ll also be informed of your right to request a preliminary hearing if it’s a felony case.

If there’s a preliminary hearing, a judge will consider if probable cause exists to support a felony charge. The judge has the option of reducing any charges to misdemeanors at this hearing.

A gathering of citizens will hear the evidence of your case at a grand jury indictment and vote on whether to indict you. If they do decide to do so, your case will be sent to the Alabama Circuit Court, where the trial will take place.

There are opportunities before the trial for a case to be resolved or a plea agreement to be reached. If the case is not resolved, the trial is where the prosecution and defense present their cases before a judge and jury. If the jury decides you’re not guilty, you’ll be free to go. Otherwise, the judge will decide on a sentence that could include probation, fines, or jail time.

If you’re found guilty, you’ll have the option to appeal the verdict, which your criminal defense lawyer can assist with if necessary.

How The Stoves Law Firm Can Help You 

At The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., we offer representation for a variety of criminal federal and state charges, including:

The Birmingham criminal defense lawyers at The Stoves Law Firm are here to provide expert legal advice and representation. They’ve assisted many other Alabama citizens who have been accused of crimes and worked tirelessly and aggressively to uphold the rights of Birmingham residents. 

While having legal representation does not guarantee escaping all legal penalties, your legal team will try to get cases thrown out if there is evidence that your legal rights were not respected. If it’s not possible to do that, they’ll look to get the best possible legal outcome.

If you need criminal defense in Birmingham, Alabama, contact us today for a free consultation.

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