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Birmingham Robbery in the Second Degree Defense Attorney

Skilled Birmingham Possession of Robbery in the Second Degree Defense Attorney Taking a Practical and Effective Approach to Defending Against Robbery Crimes

The Birmingham Robbery in the Second Degree Defense Attorney Jason Stoves at The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., has a long-standing history of successfully defending clients against robbery charges. With over 25 years of experience in criminal defense, our attorneys understand how to navigate the complexities of the Code of Alabama (1975) § 13A-8-42. We are dedicated to providing robust defense strategies tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.

  • The defendant knowingly obtains unauthorized control over another’s property.
  • The defendant intends to deprive the owner of his property.
  • The defendant uses or threatens immediate physical force upon another person with the intent to overcome his physical resistance or physical power of resistance to the taking of the property or to the retention thereof immediately after the taking.
  • Another person helps in the robbery by threatening or harming the victim.

Robbery in the Second Degree is a Class B felony, with very serious consequences for the accused if convicted. A conviction under this statute could lead to a long prison sentence and hefty fines and court costs. Do not wait to find an attorney until your trial comes. You need protection at every step of the process. Hire The Stoves Law Firm today to ensure you have the best possible defense for you and your rights.

What are the Best Defenses to Robbery Cases?

  • Alibi Defense: This defense is used if it can be proven that the defendant was somewhere else entirely at the time that the robbery was committed. This can be proven by security camera footage, testimony from someone the accused was with at the time, or receipts from restaurants or stores around the same time. This introduces reasonable doubt and can easily prevent a conviction.
  • Mistaken Identity: This defense argues that the accused was simply not the person who actually committed the crime. Eye witnesses are often inconsistent in their testimony as the length of time between the date of the incident and the date of trial can be months long. A skilled defense attorney can cast doubt on such evidence and testimony in order to bring about an acquittal.
  • Insufficient Evidence: This defense argues that the prosecution has failed to provide enough evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant committed the crime. If the prosecution fails to prove their case to such a high level, the case could end in an acquittal.

Have you been charged with Robbery in the Second Degree?

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested and charged with Robbery in the Second Degree, it is essential to secure legal representation immediately. The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., with our 25 years of criminal defense experience, is ready to assist you. Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation by calling us at (205) 823-7233 or by filling out the contact form on our website.

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting your rights and working tirelessly to achieve the most favorable outcome possible. Trust your defense to The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., where our experience and dedication to our clients make all the difference. Allow us to find you reasonable doubt for a reasonable price.

Client Reviews

"Jason was very sweet and informative he made sure I kept up with my case and also help get me off a very serious charge and he is very affordable I would definitely recommend him to everyone."

Meosha B.

"The Stoves Law Firm worked hard to get the best results I was looking for. Providing excellent advice and direction throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend The Stoves Law Firm!"

Robbey S.

Unfortunately I received my 2nd DUI but Jay as able to get it handled for me. His fees were reasonable and he did a great job

Bret C.

Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price

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