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Birmingham Aggravated Theft by Deception Defense Attorney

Skilled Birmingham Possession of Aggravated Theft by Deception Defense Attorney Taking a Practical and Effective Approach to Defending Against Theft Crimes

At The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., our Birmingham Aggravated Theft by Deception Defense Attorney is committed to offering a practical, yet effective, approach to defending against theft crimes. With over 25 years of experience in criminal defense, we have a deep understanding of the complexity of these types of cases, particularly in relation to the Code of Alabama (1975) § 13A-8-2.1. We aim to provide our clients with robust and comprehensive defense strategies that reflect their unique circumstances.

The crime of Aggravated Theft by Deception, as defined under the Code of Alabama (1975) § 13A-8-2.1, involves the following elements:

  • Knowingly deceiving another person with the intention to deprive them of property or services.
  • The deception must result in the unlawful taking, obtaining, or withholding of the property or service.
  • The value of the property or service obtained exceeds $200,000 if taken from a private entity, or $100,000 if taken from a government entity.

What are the Best Defenses to Theft by Deception Cases?

At The Stoves Law Firm, P.C., we believe that a strong defense is the cornerstone of every successful case. Below are some of the defenses we might consider:

  • Lack of Intent: This defense argues that the accused did not intend to deceive or defraud the victim. It can be effective if it can be proven that the accused believed in good faith that they had a right to the property or service.
  • Insufficient Evidence: This defense challenges the evidence presented by the prosecution. If the prosecution cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime, then the charges may be dismissed.
  • Mistaken Identity: This defense argues that the accused was not the person who committed the crime. This can be effective in cases where the evidence is circumstantial or the identification by the victim or witnesses is questionable.
  • Lack of Proof: The prosecution’s burden of proof is to establish their case beyond a reasonable doubt. If the evidence is weak, inconsistent, or lacks corroboration, it can be a complete defense. Highlighting inconsistencies in the prosecution’s story, a lack of evidence, or unreliable witnesses can create reasonable doubt, leading to an acquittal.

At The Stoves Law Firm, we know the high burden that the prosecution must reach. We know what it takes to meet that burden and we will not stop until we meet that burden in court. The Stoves Law Firm will provide you with reasonable doubt for a reasonable price.

Have you been charged with Aggravated Theft by Deception?

If you or a loved one ha recently been arrested or charged with Aggravated Theft by Deception, it is absolutely crucial to get experienced legal help as soon as possible. The Stoves Law Firm, P.C. has been serving clients for more than 25 years, providing them with aggressive, competent, and compassionate legal representation. We have extensive experience in defending clients accused with Aggravated Theft by Deception, and we know what it takes to secure the best possible outcome for your case. To schedule a free consultation, please call us at (205) 823-7233 or visit our contact page to fill out our online form. We are ready to fight for your rights and work towards the best possible outcome for your case.

Client Reviews

"Jason was very sweet and informative he made sure I kept up with my case and also help get me off a very serious charge and he is very affordable I would definitely recommend him to everyone."

Meosha B.

"The Stoves Law Firm worked hard to get the best results I was looking for. Providing excellent advice and direction throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend The Stoves Law Firm!"

Robbey S.

Unfortunately I received my 2nd DUI but Jay as able to get it handled for me. His fees were reasonable and he did a great job

Bret C.

Reasonable Doubt for a Reasonable Price

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