Elder Abuse in the 2nd Degree

Skilled Birmingham Possession of Elder Abuse in the Second Degree Defense Attorney Taking a Practical and Effective Approach to Defending Against Elder Abuse Crimes

Those facing Elder Abuse charges should know that these are very serious accusations. The elderly are considered a particularly vulnerable group in our society, and the law penalizes more heavily those convicted of harming them. When facing a charge of Elder Abuse in the Second Degree, it’s essential to hire a Birmingham Elder Abuse in the Second Degree Defense Attorney who can provide a strong defense. With 25 years of experience in criminal defense, The Stoves Law Firm, P.C. has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Code of Alabama (1975) § 13A-6-193 and how to leverage it to ensure the best possible outcome for you. The elements of Elder Abuse in the Second Degree are as follows:

  • Intentional abuse or neglect leading to physical injury of an elderly individual.
  • Reckless conduct causing physical injury to an elderly person.
  • Financial exploitation of an elderly person through deception or intimidation.

Elder Abuse in the Second Degree is a Class B felony. This carries with it the potential for a lengthy prison sentence as well as hefty fines and court costs. Do not go to court without a qualified defense attorney to fight against your charges of Elder Abuse in the Second Degree.

What are the Best Defenses to Elder Abuse Cases?

Every case is different. This is why it is so crucial to have a qualified and experienced defense attorney on your side whenever you face any criminal charges, especially those as serious as Elder Abuse. A skilled defense attorney will tailor the defense to suit your individual case, but here are some common defenses in cases of Elder Abuse.

  • Insufficient Evidence: A skilled defense attorney can argue that the evidence presented by the prosecution is not strong enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused committed the crime. If the evidence admitted at trial does not meet this high standard, then
  • Mistaken Identity: If it can be proven that the accused was not present at the scene of the crime, or there is an error in eyewitness identification, it could serve as a strong defense.
  • Involuntary Action: If the defendant can prove that their actions were involuntary or coerced, they may have a valid defense. This could be particularly relevant in cases of financial exploitation.

The Stoves Law Firm knows the high bar that the prosecution must reach. We also know what

Have you been charged with Elder Abuse in the Second Degree?

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